We just got nominated for BEST COUNTRY ALBUM and BEST STORY SONG at the IMA's!!!

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James Hand - Mighty Lonesome Man - Country Album
James Hand - "Old Man Henry" - Story Song

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James is working on a new album. Please read the following notice.

Hello Fans of James Hand,

We are reaching out to everyone to let them know we are working on a new album from James, tentatively titled "Stormclouds in Heaven" and we are asking for your support. James will be paying for this album himself, and we need to get pre-orders to get this project up and running. You can see the donation levels and rewards of each by clicking on the following link:


Thanks for all your support over the years. We hope that you will be on board for this new album. It will be the first, all-original country gospel album since Hank Williams Sr. did his many years ago. James is diligently writing for this project, and we know you will be pleasantly surprised with the songs that will be included. Be first in line to get your copy, and help support Mr. Hand with this project. Any donations will get you the new album prior to its release, as well as other merch and goodies to be determined at a later date.

We appreciate your support, and in the words of James Hand, "Thank You A Lot!"


The Team at Slim Hand Music
January 17, 2014


The Story


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Nominated for Best Country Album by the IMA

James Hand Debuts on the Americana Music Association Top 40
for week of Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"James Hand spent most of his career as Texas' best kept secret. These days, the 60-year old might be one of its best exports." or "Mighty Lonesome Man includes some of the strongest songwriting of his career" - Read the Full Review at Engine 145

"It only took James Hand 40 years to become an overnight (cult) sensation."
Read the Full Review at Country Standard Time

Let's get right to the point: Mighty Lonesome Man by James "Slim" Hand is the best county album of the year. The best basic old-fashioned, honest-to-God heartache and honky-tonk country music of the year. Maybe in the last several years." Read the full review on Terrell's Tuneup

"...Hand is an exceptionally emotive songwriter, putting the poetry of his being to melodies that warm like a borrowed sweater." Read the full review on Austin360.com

"This is an outstanding collection of truly great Country music and a great feather in the cap of grassroots label, Hillgrass Bluebilly Records." Read the full review on Outlaw Magazine.

"Mighty Lonesome Man stays true not only to James Hand's sound, but to the ghosts of the musicians that mapped the territory he now walks." Read the ful review at Soaked in Sound.

"James Hand does it again! The album Mighty Lonesome Man is one of the best country albums I have heard in a long time. His band consists of legendary artists and he has put out a legendary album with amazing sound and phenomenal lyrics. James Hand is genuine and makes the best true country, outlaw country and make-you-feel-good down-home-music which can all be heard on this album."
– Rowdy Tijmes, Rowdy Radio Show
www.rowdyradioshow.com, www.facebook.com/RowdyRadioShow

Roothog Radio named MIGHTY LONESOME MAN their CD of the MONTH!

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